Chicago's a truck show โ€” always has been. And we've been told we should expect some seriously fun product, both in concept and in production from the General in two weeks at the Chicago Auto Show. We've already told you we now expect the GMC pickup concept truck to be there and now, according to the embargo-breaking pointer-outers at HummerGuy, it'll be comig to Chicago too. In fact, they've even got the shots to prove it โ€” taken directly from the pages of an early-to-the-stands issue of TruckTrend. Yeah, isn't this a fun game we all play? Jeesh. When will these automakers ever learn not to play the silly embargo game? Anyway, we digress โ€” the 2009 H3T is a Hummer H3 with a 4-feet wide by 4ยฝ-feet long bed in the back with accessories like a small lunchbox/toolbox and all sorts of lockable storage containers. Under the hood, expect to see the new 295+horsepower 5.3-liter V8 first shown in the H3 Alpha, as well a 242-horsepower 3.7-liter I5 powerplant. When last we saw the Hummer H3T, it was dressed up in all sorts of fancy diamond camo โ€” now that it's fully naked, what do y'all think? Hit the jump to see the above shot bigger, longer and more uncut. We'll have more shots shortly we're assuming โ€” for now, sate your desires with the camo-covered shots below.