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Chicago Auto Show: Lutz Confused, GMC's Pickup Truck Concept Coming to Chicago

Illustration for article titled Chicago Auto Show: Lutz Confused, GMCs Pickup Truck Concept Coming to Chicago

Despite earlier reports the four-door Zeta-platform GMC concept pickup truck would be coming to the New York Auto Show, we've been told by people in the know it'll be hitting the floor at the Chicago Auto Show. We guess we'll be seeing it much earlier than expected. Maybe "Maximum" Bob Lutz was just having a senior moment of some kind. Our sources also indicate it'll have a drastically different look than anything else out of Australia with a truck bed — including the Holden Crewman ute up top. But it's not just the looks that'll be different.


We're told the form factor will be an entirely unibody design — not just the weird-ass unibody front end with a half-chassis welded on to the back like the Crewman. A true car-based pickup truck. The mere thought's causing our pants to start to tighten. We mean, is this GMC an xtremely interesting development or what? Come on, is this seriously the new GMC — Caballero? We can only hope. But one thing's for sure, we'll have more info later on as the story develops.

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Ash78, voting early and often

I don't know which South y'all are living in, but around here, Rednecks own crew cabs. Only Vatos ride in the bed. That's often the only way to tell them apart.