2009 Forester Interior Pic Leaked

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The WRXers over at the NASIOC forums managed to snag the first picture we've seen of the 2009 Subura Forester interior. If this is to be believed, it looks like the Forester is going to get the autoshift as an option. Given the nav screen we're guessing this is XS or limited trim. The dash seems to maintain the three spoke/ three nob/three guage look of the previous gen, with the addition of the curved dash display with possible dual climate control info outputs. [NASIOC Forum]


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Is it just me, or is there something stupid with all the Nav screens? What, are we suddenly pioneers in a strange land? We can't look out the damn window or at a map but only believe what we seeon a screen? Or is this a world conspiracy foreshadow that once the water rises/California sinks/Atlantis rises, the geography is going to be damned unknown?