2009 Subaru Forester Revealed

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All the guessing is over as the 2009 Forester has been revealed in advance of its Christmas Day public debut via scans from some magazine. The scans from the magazine ended up on a Russian car site and reveal the Forester in a variety of trims and colors. Much as we expected, the SubeUV has traded the tall wagon feel of the previous generation in favor of the more traditional SUV dimensions. This may upset some Subaru purists, but we're betting the company would make the trade for more sales.


When it finally bows, the Japanese version should come with either the normally aspirated 2.0-liter boxer fourbanger at 148 horsepower and 140 lb.-ft. of torque or the turbocharged version, which is good for 230 horsepower and 234 lb.-ft. of torque. So far there have been no pics of an STi version, though you'd have to expect one was in the works. We'll have more on the Forester after its Japanese debut and, of course, we'll take you their for its us reveal at the Detroit Auto Show. [Drom.ru]

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I did the Bablefish on the Russian page. Says the Forester is 45mm wider and 80 mm longer. No mention about wheelbase. So it's a bit wider, but still smaller than the Outback. The Forester, if the article is to be believed, is still built on an Impreza chassis.

I think the headlights look a little awkward, but better than the current design of the front end.