2009 Ford Mustang Limited To Only 45,000 Units, Why Not Just 2009?

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If you're crazy enough about Ford's muscle car that you actually want a 2009 Mustang, as opposed to waiting for the brand new 2010 Ford Mustang, you'll have to fight over just 45,000 of them. If that seems like a lot, we'd remind you that they sold more than 130,000 Stangs last year. Why is this happening? It could be the obvious numerological significance of the number 45 since it is the 45th anniversary of the Mustang, but we doubt it.


More likely they know, probably from people drooling over 2010 Ford Mustang headlight shots, that it isn't going to sell as well as this past year. So rather than produce a ton of cars they're going to have to discount like day-old bagels priced to move after the introduction of the new Mustang they're instead going to try and actually satisfy perceived market demand. That would be a nice change.


Of course another possibility could be the need to re-tool the production lines to get ready for the 2010 model year. Either way we're speculating, because who knows what really lurks in the minds of Ford's crack team of product planners. And by crack, we're pretty sure we mean the drug. But again, who knows? [The Mustang Source via AutoBlog]

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Rob Emslie

45,000? That's a lot of dental hygienists, legal secretaries, and Hooters waitresses.