2009 Ford Focus RS: Body By Photoshop?

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As Americans, one of our favorite pastimes is complaining about all the cool Ford products the rest of the world gets that we don't. So, ever since rumors started swirling of a Euro-market Ford Focus RS that would be even hotter than the Focus ST, we've been waiting in anticipation to see the forbidden fruit. Suddenly these images have surfaced online, looking quite promising.


What we see looks like a hot Focus wearing German plates, but looking closer, we see that the images have clearly been touched by the magic wand of Photoshop. The question is, how much so? It's normal for a set of press shots to be touched up and enhanced, but we're not so sure that was all that happened here. Could these possibly have been just shots of a normal Focus ST, enhanced with a digital body kit?
[via CarScoop]

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Sir Lurkalot

I've actually done some photo retouching for car ads. Trust me, there isn't a single print ad that isn't heavily retouched. I mean they usually take the car and put it on a completely different background, or alter the background so much that it is unrecognizable from the original. All the body panels are gone over and changed. Highlights added, reflections added, everything is redone. This is on every single print car ad you see, I guarantee.