Ford is out and about testing the 2009.5 Ford F-150 Diesel, this time with sheetmetal more suiting to the 2009 model year. As proof that this is the new diesel-powered F-150, the photographers from KGP managed to snap pictures of the "DIESEL FUEL ONLY" strip over the gauge cluster, the telltale slotted/sideways exhaust tips and, most importantly, the first shots of the tank access for the urea. We'd also point out the seven-lug wheels, indicative of the heavy duty payload package. Performance targets for the 4.4-liter diesel V8 and the full spy report below the jump.


According to KGP, the new engine should be capable of a 9% increase in power and a 15% increase in torque relative to the 5.4-liter gas V8. According to this leaked report, the gas V8 should be capable of 320 HP and 390 lb-ft of torque.

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Doing the math, this would put the diesel V8 at approximately 350 HP and 450 lb-ft of torque, while still achieving 20% fuel economy. Let's hope sources and calculators don't lie.

2010.5 Ford F-150 Diesel Spy Report
Ford's F-150 diesel has moved beyond the mule stage, and is now running as a fully trimmed prototype, wearing the latest F-150 sheetmetal. We caught this prototype taking a break from hot-weather testing, and we can now reveal some details confirming its diesel status.

A look inside the cockpit reveals a large "Diesel Fuel Only" warning sticker placed under the F-150's gage-faces. We also peeked inside the fuel door to see the the Urea Fill Port next to the diesel input port. The Urea port will allow the occasional addition of a Aqueous Urea, which acts as a Selective Catalytic Reducer to cut NOx emissions—allowing the F-150 to meet emissions requirements. The Urea tank is sized to be filled at the F-150's oil change intervals.

The F-150's diesel is a 4.4-liter V8, which will see a 9% increase in power and a 15% increase in torque, while delivering a 20% increase in fuel-economy—when compared to Ford's current 5.4-liter V8 gasoline engine. Ford expects to launch the 4.4-liter diesel on the 2010-1/2 F-150.

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