We've always said the Dream Cruise isn't just for "old" classic cars. Sometimes a classic car is classic because there's only one like it, and it makes a man want to drop to his knees and weep. We were lucky enough to find something cruising Woodward Avenue last night with a "wow" factor even we couldn't contain. It's a Ford GTX-1, the convertible variant of the Ford GT. The supercar sans roof was a specialty vehicle created specifically for the 2005 SEMA convention. And although you may be able to get a Genaddi Design chop-top of your own for $38,000 (on top of the base Ford GT price of just shy of $150,000 — get it fast, supplies are limited!) — we can gurantee you won't be getting one quite like this. That's because the GTX-1 you see above is the actual concept car built by the boys at Genaddi for the SEMA show. That alone gives it an estimated street value of upwards of a cool million. And lookie here, we even got to see it fill up at the Shell station — and with a capless fuel filler at that! And no, Bill Jagenow of Brothers Custom Automotive is not a liar.

GTX-1 [Genaddi Design Group]

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