Genaddi Design Offers Ford GTX1 Package

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For well-heeled SEMA attendees who just won't wait for Ford to build the GTX1 concept it showed off in Las Vegas, the hotshots at Genaddi design — builders of the Ford SVT-sponsored SEMA concept — are offering an upgrade package to the general(ly rich) public. For a starting price of $38,000 over the cost of an off-the-lot GT, the X1 Status Upgrade offers cosmetic and performance upgrades to turn a standard GT into a closeasthis GTX1. Side note: We hear (from Farago) that Genaddi's build quality is super high, judging from its Rolls-Royce Phantom and Maybach convertibles.


The Ford GTX1[Genaddi Design]

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I really like the look, although it's almost...dare I say...too low.