This series has become a real balancing act for me, as I try to make sure I don't neglect one type of vehicle for too long. We had a Chrysler A-body recently, and we're definitely due for an air-cooled Beetle one of these days. Now I realize with a shock that it's been two long months since our last Bayerische Motoren Werke machine. I could show you one of the several Alameda 2002s that I've shot recently (though I'm still hunting that 1500 I see around town), but instead we're getting a Late Malaise 320i with a most intriguing vanity plate.

1983 was the last year for the E21 BMWs, and maybe the end of the line for BMW's American image of being primarily about sportiness. As the 80s ground on, a BMW in the driveway came to symbolize something other than a pure appreciation of the car's driving qualities.


This example is in nice solid original condition. The question is: does David Hasselhoff own it? Does he have a secret crash pad in Alameda?

A little too nice for the 24 Hours of LeMons... but Alameda has plenty of hideous beater E21s as well!


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