1965 Plymouth Barracuda

It's about damn time that I found an A-body Barracuda for this series, since some of the baddest cars on the island back when I was in high school were '64-66 Barracudas. The Valiant-based early Barracuda didn't weigh much, so droppping a crazy 340 or 360 in one resulted in something that would hold its own against the Mustangs, Camaros, and Novas (not to mention the big-block GM A-bodies). This example is a little bit rough- well, actually, it's a total beater- but it's still good to see it parked on the street.


It's got an extremely funky paint job, which appears to be done in latex house paint in sort of a two-tone textured application. There's some body rust, but just the usual Bay Area variety caused by rainy winters.

Maybe it wasn't a great idea to paint the grille, but once you get started with a paint roller it's hard to stop. This car probably has a Slant Six (the 225 was standard on the '65 Barracuda), but maybe it has a 273 or better under the hood.


The car has been red-tagged by the APD, which means the neighbors are getting fed up with this car taking up parking space on their block (a woman driving by while I was shooting photos stopped and started reading me the riot act about "my" car and how it never moves). I'm guessing that it doesn't run, and I haven't seen it for a month or so, meaning either it got towed to The Crusher or it now parks somewhere else. I'm hoping it's the latter option.


Hey, three on the tree! A pushbutton automatic would be nice, too.

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