1980: The TR7 Convertible Is One of the Last Remaining Bargains!

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Even though the Triumph slant-four engine proved quite reliable after SAAB tinkered with it for a few decades, British Leyland never quite found the magic formula to make the TR7 hold together as well as the SAAB 99.

It's telling that Motor Trend is quoted in this ad as follows:

With several thousand miles on the clock, the TR7 convertible still felt tight and solid.


Several thousand miles? What's that, a couple of months? The Chevy Citation X-11 just looks like a better and better Late Malaise Era sports car!

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2 tr7 tidbits:

My aunt bought one circa 1990 and put some cash into it to make it a real summer runner. 10 summers later it had spent 90% of it's time in the garage and another 10% at the mechanic. Sold it for what she bought it for.

As a teen, my friend's dad (who fixed cars) saw one drive by and told us an apocryphal story of near-hoonery. He helped his friend drop an Olds 455 in one just to see how that would go. As it turned out, he fired it up, hit the gas and the entire car did a 360 on the spot. Out came the 455.

Cool lookin' car though! Drop the body on a Corolla GT-S chassis and yer good to go. If you could...I mean.