I try to post cars made by defunct manufacturers on a regular basis (e.g., the Studebaker Lark of a few weeks back), but it's been months since we last saw one of Alameda's street-parked Plymouths (and even longer since we've seen an Olds). So here we go: a nice rust-free '72 Fury to start our day!

I found this car parked in the West End, not far from the 1950 Plymouth Deluxe.


I consider 1972 to be the first year of the Malaise Era, what with the Watergate break-in, but this car has the chrome bumpers and powerful engine of the pre-Malaise Era. I drove a cop-spec '73 Fury for a while in high school, and I recall it being a pretty decent car (though the engine had less power and the '72s awesome grille had been replaced by a less imposing unit).


It's hard not to love a huge expanse of chrome with a big rectangular opening for the car's nameplate!

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