1966 Dodge Coronet 440 Convertible

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Six months have passed since we last saw a Chrysler B-body in this series? Well, actually the '78 Monaco Brougham is technically a B-body, but it's so incredibly Malaise that I hesitate to include it alongside the likes of the Super Bee and the Road Runner. Regardless of where you stand on the B-ness of the Malaise Monaco, it's tough to argue with the inherent goodness of this '66 Coronet 440 convertible, which I found parked near the waterfront and just around the corner from the Ford Econoline pickup


This Coronet parks on the street every day and sees regular driving duty, yet is still in very nice condition. Obsessive date-coded Mopar freaks would scoff at its rock chips and minor dings, of course, but this is no show car.


This car has "V8" emblems, so it probably came from the factory with a 273. The Coronet could also be had with the 318, 361, 383, or even the 426 Hemi, and this one may well have been through a half-dozen engines by this time.


The "Coke bottle" body style and rocket-style taillights had some significant traces of late-50s styling; the following generation of Chrysler cars did away with all 50s influence.

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