1965 Dodge D100 Pickup

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We've seen a couple of GMC trucks recently in this series, plus a Ford-badged Mazda and a Datsun, but we haven't seen a Dodge truck for months. Here's a work truck that parks in my neighborhood; usually it's full of ladders and lumber, but I managed to catch it in an unladen state.


As far as I can tell, there's no difference between the 1965 and 1966 Dodge D100s, so I'm arbitrarily choosing the former year. Anyone out there who can point out the identifying features that can be used to ascertain the exact year, please do so. I'm going to have this problem with most Detroit trucks of this era, since they tended to keep the same design for multiple years.

In any case, the 100 was the half-ton version. Standard engine was the good ol' Slant Six, but you could get one with a 318 (power-crazed hoons opted for the 426 wedge, of course). Judging from the sound this truck makes in action, I'd say it's a Slant Six machine.


This truck has been working its whole life; you wouldn't see one of these being used as a suburban commuter vehicle. I wonder if that's the original bed, or if it's worn out a couple.


Those bumps aren't actually louvers- apparently they're supposed to suggest louvers without actually requiring holes through the hood. See, Dodge wasn't just about strict nuts-and-bolts utility when they built these trucks.

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