Since the readers have spoken on the DOTS Pickup Truck question, we're going to look at another old truck today. And, since we're turning Japanese this week, we're going to make it a Japanese truck! And not one rebranded with some Detroit carmaker's name; no, this is a genuine 200-proof Datsun.

The old Toyota trucks get all the press, what with their being the vehicle of choice for strongmen and warlords the world over, but Nissan made some pretty solid ones as well.


Check out those funky tailgate latches and plywood bed cover. It doesn't matter what continent it comes from- this thing kicks shit!

Ahhh, take a whiff of That Junkyard Car Smell: mildew, sun-baked plastic, and decaying foam rubber. This truck probably has 500,000 miles on the clock and no doubt will start right up after sitting immobile for six months.


It's a damn shame that you can't buy a truly small, simple Japanese pickup these days. Why, even warlords insist on AC nowadays!


This truck parks next to the 1976 Monza we saw a while back; no doubt the same lover of 70s steel owns them both.

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