1963 GMC Suburban Carryall

I'm a little puzzled about where the "Carryall" name figured into the branding of the '63 Suburban (if this is, in fact, a '63; GMC experts, please weigh in if I'm off by a year or two), but there's no doubt in my mind that this is what an SUV should be. Yes, Detroit took a serious wrong turn when they convinced Americans that passenger vehicles built on truck chassis needed leather upholstery and TV sets, killing the appeal of both the station wagon and the plastic-rococo luxury barge in the process.


See, back in the day before Comintern agents implanted mind-control devices in the brains of Detroit execs, you got something like this thing if you wanted a truck that would haul passengers over bouncy dirt roads on the way to the ice-fishing shack. If you wanted to haul a lot of passengers in air-conditioned luxury, you got a great big station wagon with Simu-Leather™ and NearlyWood™ interior. And if you wanted to flaunt your louie, why, you bought a goddamn Cadillac!

OK, tirade over. Check out this amazingly 3-dimensional V6 emblem- it must stick out three inches! Lots of folks get the I6-versus-V6 thing a bit mixed up, so GM wanted to make sure everyone got it right with these trucks. If this one still has the stock engine, it's a 305 (members of this V6 family got as big as 478 cubes... and let's not forget the V12 version).


Now that's a shift lever! Forget about your multiple climate zones- all you need is a trucker-style fan on the dash.


And what's this business these days with giving the back-seat passengers their own doors? They can climb over the camping equipment if they want to sit in the back, like in this truck!

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