1932 Helicron, Or, The Pedestrian Hunter

We just had to throw the 1932 Helicron in at the end of the day for good measure, moment of zen-style. This thing is loud, it's incredibly dangerous, it's crude, and we love it. Leave it up to the French to design a car where the express purpose seems to be mowing down sniveling pedestrians for the sake of style. Here's a tip, if you're ever around the Helicron when it's operating, don't get anywhere near the propeller wash if you're wearing shorts.

Thus concludes our 2008 Meadow Brook Concours D'Elegance broadcast coverage. It was tough picking only a handful of remarkable and interesting vehicles to tell you more about, but hopefully your lust for the old and the awesome has been sated for at least today. Now, what about that Concours D'Ignorance?


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