Please Stop Using Citroën H Vans as Food Trucks

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Allow me to rant, because I need to get this off my chest. Despite being a bit of a hipster myself, I despise when a perfectly good Citroën H is used to putter from event to event hawking poorly made coffee or bespoke natural ice bars or whatever. The van was intended to be a simple and easy to repair work vehicle, so I suppose it makes sense as a food truck, but after a long hard life under the oppressive foot of an industrialist boss, doesn’t it deserve a fun retirement?


H vans are great to drive, look stylish, and are easy to work on if maintained well, therefore make as much sense as a classic daily as any other. But unlike your average old American boat or German sportabout, the H van is perfect for the active lifestyles of a cyclist or kayaker. Yes, an H should definitely be used in its old age as a jaunty about-town mobile rather than a vegan stromboli vessel to be parked at some Food Truck Friday.

There are plenty of modern vans that can serve this role of cook-to-order mobile. Get a Ram Promaster with a wild wrap or something if you want a quirky looking van. Let the H van be a curmudgeonly old Frenchie. It just wants to smoke a Gauloises and sip from a coupe of Champagne (from the Champagne region of France, thank you) in peace.

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“Don’t use this vehicle for its intended use - as a work vehicle.”