Ken Block Will Be An Off-Road Traffic Cop In The Next Season Of Top Gear

Ken Block, that guy who jumps vehicles and does dangerous stunts for a living, will be the law enforcement in some giant, off-road game of Cops and Robbers on Top Gear next season. This should go really well for the people getting chased.


In something that fits right in with that Twitter bot that spits out random and absurd—yet totally expected—story ideas that sound like they could be on the show, the next season of Top Gear will, at some point, feature Ken Block acting as an off-road traffic cop who chases hosts Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid and sometimes jumps over them. Here’s a clip from next season, which Top Gear posted on YouTube Monday:

It still all seems a little more scripted than it should be, but that’s the norm for this kind of thing—and we’re all still watching, so we must not mind that much. Plus, there’s a good lesson here: It’s better to be chased by Ken Block on a non-public course than by a real cop on public streets. (In other words, be smart with cars and don’t do anything that would get you chased down on public streets.)


Block would probably catch up faster than a real cop, though.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Rick Allen's Left Arm

Haters gonna hate. Watching the Hoonigan DTs has shown me that Block is a genuinely cool guy that loves cars and racing. Who cares if he doesn’t win competitions? He pays for silly videos that no one else has the balls to do. It’s OK do to things just for fun.