Ken Block Finally Took Gymkhana Off Road

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Sure, Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos have all of the stunts and precision driving you could have ever dreamed of being able to do and all of the street closures you wish you had the money to buy, but they’ve never been set entirely on dirt—deep, deep mounds of dirt. Well, welcome to “Terrakhana.” Stay awhile.

This nearly five-minute video is Gymkhana in an adult-sized sandbox, complete with lots of dust. It also sounds like this “Terrakhana” thing is going to become a regular deal for Block’s video crew, since this is what he told about the video and Terrakhana in general:

“It’s basically taking that driving style that I do in the Gymkhana videos and applying it in other unique situations,” he exclusively told “This new one (‘Terra’ meaning earth)… we’re doing it in a unique dirt-type situation. I’ve always wanted to take that driving style and do different things with it.”

Boy, does he do different things with it. It marks the return of the not-so-humble Ford Fiesta RX43 we saw in Gymkhana 8, and as recently as Gymkhana Grid last November. “It’s already setup with the Gymkhana style engine,” Ken explains, “600bhp, which is more than I would normally have on dirt. It’s too much power…” Yep, KB remarking that he has too much power. The world has turned upside down.


You may have to turn your world—or at least your computer—upside down to follow a couple of these wild moves up and down giant rocks in the desert. Block told Top Gear’s website that one of the rocks, called the “knife edge,” would’ve been a 100-foot drop “to [his] death” he’d gone off the wrong side.

Oh, yeah, that’s totally fine. It’s cool, even. Doesn’t sound terrifying at all.


Here, just watch it all for yourself:

Terrakhana. This sounds like something we could all get used to.