What Is The Saddest New Car For Sale?

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Most new cars come off the factory floor and get delivered to the showroom only to sit for a short time then get taken home by some happy buyer. But some cars just don’t get any love, they sit for months or even years. The discounts come off, and yet, they’re still there.


The saddest new car for sale has to be the Cadillac ELR. For some reason, Cadillac, in their infinite wisdom, decided to take a Chevy Volt, make it less practical and over twice as expensive.


Here is a 2014—you read that right, brand new 2014 model year—listed for sale for the low, low price of about $36,000. And there are still buyers who see that and think, “Yeah that’s still too much for an ELR.”

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I also need to share this gem from the ad description: “Sitting on top of 20" high performing rims the sleep coupe design of the ELR allows you to slice through the air with little resistance.”

“Sleep coupe”...sounds about right.

I know there are some fans of the ELR on this website, and I certainly don’t think the ELR is bad car. In fact, I dig its futuristic look, and I salute your taste in something different. But even the most hardcore Cadillac fans have to admit that GM really bungled the pricing strategy on this one.


Is there a sadder new car for sale than the ELR? Tell us in the comments below!

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A few years back I would have said it was the Galant.

Just look at it. You almost want to hug the poor thing.