This Simpsons Clip With Top Gear Audio Is Weirdly Fantastic

Why does this work so damn well? Who realized this first, and actually took the time to try it? Why is it so deeply wrong that Clarkson is Millhouse and James May is Nelson? Martin as Hammond, I’m sort of okay with.

This is from the gleefully confusing Simpsons Shitposting Facebook group, and the two ingredients in this strangely coherent mashup are the Simpsons episode Bart on the Road, the one where they try to find the World’s Fair, and (I believe) the Top Gear episode where the British gearhead trio tries to find the best driving road ever.


Bart wisely stays out of the discussion here, and I’m not sure the car they’re in can actually be identified, but other than that, holy crap does this little bit of unplanned synchronicity work well.

Just watch, and enjoy. Don’t ask too many questions.

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But really Top Gear has been in Simpsons for years.