Whew. That’s a load off. If you’ve been worried about any of the myriad of problems facing earth, in your personal life, or perhaps even a gnawing concern about the coming heat death of the universe, you can stop worrying. Here’s why: Škoda just released an app with custom Škoda emojis. I know, right?


Look at those emojis — sorry, ŠKODAJIS, as their press release suggests. There’s actually some pretty decent ones in there — I like the literal canine hot dog, that very excited robot head, the Yeti, and, of course, that great Škoda 1000MB.

These emojis will be a life-saver when I need to quickly and enjoyably tell my friends that I’ll be late meeting them for steaming beverages because a Yeti attacked my classic Czech rear-engined sedan and set my tires on fire.

Seriously, this app is going to save me so much time.

Thanks, Škoda!

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