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What's The Most Ridiculous Car Design Detail?

Illustration for article titled Whats The Most Ridiculous Car Design Detail?

Car design is a fickle, idiosyncratic beast, which I suppose is why we love her so. Car design, like fashion or condiments (think back to when honey mustard hit the scene) goes in trends, and often these trends can birth some really absurd details of design. So what’s the most ridiculous?


If I had to pick, which, of course, I do, right now, I think I may go for the headlight covers on late ‘70s Mercurys, like the Grand Marquis. This was a strangely ornate and fussy era of American auto design, full of filigree and little crests and bordello-inspired interiors.

But the absurdity came to a head when Mercury introduced not just simple headlight covers, but upholstered headlight covers. Upholstered. Fucking padded, pillow-top headlight covers.


Were they making them comfortable for the wasps that were going to slam into them on a summer’s eve drive? Do headlights prefer a cushiony cover? These things are baffling.

I’m sure you can think of plenty more, so, you know, have at it!

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There are many examples, but I will just leave this here........