What's The Greatest Car That Exists For Unknown Reasons?

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Like in any industry, car companies have to make a business case for their products. What's the point of making a car if you don't know who will buy it, or if they'll even buy it at all? But when they do make something incomprehensible, the results are fantastic. Or terrible. Usually one or the other.


That's our question for the day: What's the greatest car that exists for completely unknown reasons?

Lately, I'll nominate the Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG. The GLA, I certainly get — it's their new small crossover and it will probably sell like hot cakes. And the CLA45 I get too, it's their entry-level sport sedan with one of the most wonderful turbo four-bangers on the planet.


But why the hell would you make an AMG-ified version of that little crossover? Who's supposed to be buying that thing? If it's anything like the CLA45, it's going to be loud, fast and rough. Those aren't really qualities the average crossover buyer is after.

Whatever. It's so insanely ridiculous that I love it, and Matt's review made me kind of want to buy one. I'd even take it over the CLA45 sedan just because it's weirder.

Your turn, what's the greatest car seemingly made without a business case in mind?

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Nissan Juke GT-R.

Why? I have no idea but I like it.