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10-Minute 4G63 Turbo

The 4G63 is pretty much the small block Chevy of four-bangers. Twin cams. Two liters of displacement. And turbo. Lots of turbo. The mighty Mitsubishi can be found under the hoods of everything from Hyundias to EVOS. In this case the donor vehicle appears to be an Eagle Talon, which is a slightly restyled and rebranded 2nd gen Mitsubishi Eclipse. The fact that we've had not one but two elder Mitsubishi G54B engines sitting in the garage in need of this treatment for way too long makes this video that much more impressive. Watch as these guys take a bare block to complete mill in ten minutes. The only thing missing is the dingle ball hone. – Mike Bumbeck


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Always remember to torque the shit out of anything you can when building your engine kids.

Rule #1: The more torque you personally use, the more torque is available to the wheels.

Rule #2: Haines and Chilton know precisely dick about "proper torque application" or "thread strain".

That mother has a long ass handle so you can completely lean on the bitch with all your body weight. Thats why all the best mechanics are either fat asses or on so much meth they have retard torquing ability.