William Shatner Started A Company To Make This Wild Steampunk V8 Trike

Picture this scene: William Shatner at home, suspended in his plexiglass pleasure-pod. He's finishing the last of his tiger steak, and is getting a little drunk on Skrot, a fermented spider's milk liquor from Tibet. He has an idea. His fundamental essence, as a motor vehicle. It's a trike, it's a V8, it's a steel… » 1/07/15 12:00pm 1/07/15 12:00pm

William Shatner's Ten Favorite Cars

As Captain Kirk and T.J. Hooker, William Shatner personified on-screen cool, but he's also awesome in real life. Want proof? Just check out this list of his ten favorite cars. » 5/07/10 2:00pm 5/07/10 2:00pm

Shat Scratch Fever: TV's Captain Kirk To Give Work Truck Show Keynote

In an amusing bit of paid-public-appearance news, the National Truck Equipment Association has announced that William Shatner will speak to open their KHAAAAAANvention trade show in St. Louis next March. Bet they never even considered that pansy Picard! [PickupTrucks.com] » 9/02/09 1:30pm 9/02/09 1:30pm

You Gotta Go Fast and Get There Man! Bill Shatner on Driving

"Rudeness is part of driving well on the freeway," says Bill Shatner, educating his daughter Lisabeth on the art of driving Shatneresque. Don't miss the "Hans" joke regarding the building of his Volkswagen. All this, as if we needed another reason to join the Bill Shatner Fan Club and Stratego Players' Association of… » 3/26/07 1:15pm 3/26/07 1:15pm

We Learned About Love in the Back of a Dodge: Shatner!

Words escape us more easily than a greased Houdini. Thank you to Dinah Shore's producers. Thank you, Bill Shatner. Thank you, Wilhelm Bruhn, inventor of the modern taximeter. Thank you glorious city of San Francisco. And thank you, Gottleib Daimler, constructor of the first modern taxicab. We're going to go weep… » 3/13/07 5:30pm 3/13/07 5:30pm