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William Shatner’s Rivet Trike Doesn't Work But It Is A Force For Good

Illustration for article titled William Shatner’s Rivet Trike Doesnt Work But It Is A Force For Good

When William Shatner laid out his plans to create a V8-powered, steampunk trike with two yokes and squeeze triggers for controls we all kind of assumed it wouldn’t work. Unfortunately we were right. But that hasn’t stopped Shatner from trailering the Rivet from Chicago to Los Angeles for an awesome cause.

According to the man himself, the steering assembly on the Rivet promptly broke after the trike was originally shown to the press. So instead of delaying his 2,400-mile trek along Route 66, his crew packed up the trike for the trip, Shatner threw a leg over a back-up motorcycle, and he’s joined riders from the American Legion for the run.

The American Legion angle is the real reason for the cross-country run, raising awareness for the Legacy Fund, a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to the children of U.S. service members that were killed in the line of duty during the attacks of September 11.


Shatner, along with his wife, the American Legion riders, and the builders of the Rivet – American Wrench – left Illinois on June 23 and landed in LA today. A documentary crew came along for the ride, with a flick planned to be released later this year. You can find out more about the Legacy Fund here.

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