100 Years of Tour de France Bikes Map the Evolution of Cycling

There are few professional sports as closely bound to technology as cycling. A bike isn't just equipment, as skiis or a tennis racket might be—it's a partner in a symbiotic relationship between the machine and athlete. And it's remarkable to see how drastically certain parts of that machine have changed in the last… » 7/09/13 11:15am 7/09/13 11:15am

Dog is Nearly Run over in Tour de France

This year's Tour de France debut is perhaps the most entertaining one yet. Not only is it in Corsica (nicknamed The Isle of Beauty) for the first time, but the narrow roads of the popular island causes a lot of bloody accidents, including a 20-cycler pileup in one of the sprints. In addition, other nuisances are… » 6/30/13 4:39pm 6/30/13 4:39pm

Chalkbot Pneumatically Sprays 100,000 Graffiti Messages During Tour De …

Lance Armstrong and Nike's Livestrong partnered with DeepLocal and StandardRobot to develop this Chalkbot, designed to spray 100,000 messages of courage, hope and action along the 2009 Tour de France for people that've been affected by cancer. » 7/07/09 12:30pm 7/07/09 12:30pm