Here's Video Of A Tour De France Crash Caused By A French TV Car Today

The summary of this Stage 9 Tour de France incident is concise: "Car clips Juan Antonio Flecha (Sky), Johnny Hoogerland (Vacansoleil-DCM) tumbles into a fence." If you want more, though, here's's summary:

A few minutes ago a French TV car hit Flecha and Hoogerland who were part of a solid breakaway in stage 9 of Tour de France. Flecha was back on the bike quickly, trying to get back to the riders ahead of him. Shortly after Hoogerland was seen back on the bike, but we do not know how he feels at the moment.

Both Flecha does not look like he can ride fast enough to reach the remaining riders of the breakaway. Hoogerland is now back with the peloton and does not look good. Could he be the ninth rider to abandon Tour de France on this dramatic stage 9?

It did not seem like the car was avoiding anything in particular, but maybe the driver was startled by the sight of the tree on the side of the road, turning toward Flecha and Hoogerland.


Tour 2011 Car Crash [EWoud] (H/T PolkPanther)

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