Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations built a special F-Type for Team Sky, who will be using it on Saturday during the Tour de France time trial. Loudness is guaranteed.

After sending their main man through the Channel Tunnel with his bike back in May, Jaguar continues to grab some attention during the Tour de France.

This time, they're using a unique F-Type concept. It will remain a one-off, which is a shame since it's the most practical F-Type to date, having a carbon fiber bike rack that can carry two Pinarello Bolide TTs. Slower bikes will simply fall off its roof.


The bike transporter also has a separate electric supply in the trunk powering the radios, amplifiers, microphones, horns and televisions. In this case, the system supports communications between the rider and the team, but imagine how handy could that be when you cannonball through Europe unleashing the F-Type R Coupe's 550 horses and 501 foot pounds!

Remember, the days of that glorious supercharged V8 are numbered...