What, Me Worry?

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk responds to a reporter's question following the company's IPO on Tuesday. Maybe now he'll be able to afford a fashion consultant — mixing plaids and check is always a bad idea. Photo Credit: Mark Lennihan/AP » 7/01/10 12:40pm 7/01/10 12:40pm

Dud Car Bomb Shuts Down Times Square

Saturday, a Nissan Pathfinder loaded with propane and gasoline was discovered in New York's Times Square after onlookers saw it smoking. Bomb Squad technicians were called to dismantle it. Expect mass-media mass-hysteria when sponsorship money clears (immediately). [ABC.net] » 5/02/10 9:20am 5/02/10 9:20am

NASCAR Pit Stop In Times Square

Here's a PR stunt which could only happen in New York. The Red Bull NASCAR team descended on a still-filled-with-cars Times Square for an impromptu 14-second pit stop. Hey! You gotta permit fer dat?! » 6/11/09 8:15am 6/11/09 8:15am

Times Square Traffic Shutdown Preview Of World Without Cars?

Last Sunday, New York City sealed off Broadway to traffic at Times Square and Herald Square, from 35th to 33rd Streets. A day later 350 lawn chairs were set out where cars had previously reigned supreme. Is this the future? » 6/04/09 8:20am 6/04/09 8:20am

Hoon of the Day: Burnouts in Times Square

In defiance of the crowds that will pummel NYC's Times Square later in the day, the dawn offers a few moments for calm reflection among a bazillion watts of advertising signage. The only souls stirring at such hours are the line cooks at TGI Fridays, who will prepare 2.7 billion plates of potato skins before the day… » 8/07/06 9:38am 8/07/06 9:38am

Bullrun Impresario: Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings, propriator of Dallas's Gas Monkey Garage and one of Bullrun's bigger 'n Texas personalities, took some time out of his rally prep regimen of struttin' and testifyin' to do an on-camera ID for a crew we believe comprised the official Bullrun documentarians for TV. Later in the day, Rawlings was… » 7/23/06 9:01am 7/23/06 9:01am