We Took The World's Craziest Street Legal Drift Car To Times Square

The swamp muck tourist trap Times Square is unquestionably the most crowded, busy, garbage place to take a car just about anywhere in the world. So we took this 500 horsepower “street car” built by professional drifter Ryan Tuerck there to see if it could handle it.


When Ryan Tuerck — professional in Formula Drift and star of his own YouTube show on Network A — built this so-called “street car,” the Internet called bullshit. It’s a stripped, caged, widened, engine-swapped 500 horsepower monster of a Scion FR-S. It has no windows, it has no A/C, it has no radio. It has racing suspension, seats, belts, and a roll cage. To better go completely sideways at over a hundred miles an hour, Tuerck built it wider in the front than it is in the back.

I didn’t care who he banged at the DMV; I had to put this thing to the test and see if its “street car” title actually meant something. So that’s how we ended up in Times Square.

How Ryan and I didn’t get arrested, how we didn’t get heat stroke, I do not know.


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Along with Martin, Dutch Gunderson, Lana and Sally Decker

How exactly is this thing street legal? Okay, it has a plate on it, but I think that is some sort of oversight. There is no way this car passes an inspection.