Bullrun Impresario: Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings, propriator of Dallas's Gas Monkey Garage and one of Bullrun's bigger 'n Texas personalities, took some time out of his rally prep regimen of struttin' and testifyin' to do an on-camera ID for a crew we believe comprised the official Bullrun documentarians for TV. Later in the day, Rawlings was forced to find a new co-pilot for his BMW 7-Series car, when second-in-command, Michael Jackson (no Bubbles jokes, please) was denied entrance to Canada due to an undisclosed prior, and he and Rawlings were possibly strip-searched. Rawlings tells it, after the jump.

He won't be joining us and there is no getting him out. I guess I'll have to rustle me up a co-pilot. I woulda stayed and got him out, but there was no gettin' him out. I need a beer worse than I've needed one in a long time. Here's your quote: 'He actually accomplished everything in one day that I thought he'd do he'd do in one week. He literally shit his pants and puked twice.


Anyone, anyone?

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