Watch The Stig Star In This WTF Music Video

In CC Mason's new video for "Racecar," former Stig Ben Collins appears to have been typecast as a guy who stands around with his arms crossed. We all knew the Stigs would have to move on with the cancellation of Top Gear, but we didn't know life would be this rough. Now he's been put into a music video, still as The… »4/06/15 4:55pm4/06/15 4:55pm

The Stig Joins Formula E ... Might Make it Worth Watching

Some say that his helmet is sewn to his face, and that his underwear is actually a suit of bees. All we know is that Ben Collins' white Stig was (is?) the best part of the BBC's Top Gear. Now, with Collins' addition to the Formula E roster, the inaugural season of Formula E racing is really starting to look exciting! »2/15/14 1:24pm2/15/14 1:24pm