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Racing driver Ben Collins was very good at being a silent, helmeted character as Top Gear’s “tame racing driver” The Stig, portraying the character with the kind of physical wit mimes can only dream of. Now Radio Times reports that Collins has lent his helmet-wearing talents to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Rogue One director Gareth Edwards sat down for an interview with Time Out London where he mentioned that one of his Stormtroopers was very used to spending time behind the visor of a white helmet:

There was actually a Stormtrooper on set one day and someone went, “guess who that guy is there? He said, “It’s the Stig from Top Gear.” Because he’s a stunt guy as a driver, and there was a stunt with a Stormtrooper.


Poor Ben Collins. Once you have one role where no one sees your face at all, I suppose you’re typecast forever. Then again, his primary gig is racing cars, so behind a full-face helmet is probably where he’s the most comfortable. Showing your face is overrated, anyway.

You can watch the full interview here, where Edwards gets quizzed on his knowledge of the Star Wars franchise. The fun part on star cameos starts at 8:30:

Stiggy isn’t the only recent cameo among the Stormtroopers, either. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig—who Collins has also done stunt work for in the past—donned the white suit for the evil empire in The Force Awakens.

For the rebellion’s sake, here’s hoping that Stiggy also reprises his performance from the infamous Koenigsegg lap where he spun out into a tire wall. Either way, we can’t wait to see it and play Guess The Stigtrooper any time the empire’s goons of choice appear on screen.

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