The Stig Just Played Not My Job And It Was Great

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The Stig may be illegal in 17 American states, and he may be scared of bells, but how good is he at things that aren’t driving? To answer that question, it was time to put the Stig (AKA Ben Collins) through the ultimate crucible – NPR’s Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me! So now, listen to the star of Top Gear answer questions about Richard Gere.

(Because it’s a Gear-Gere thing, get it? They sound the same????? Like, “Gear,” but also, like, “Gere”?????????????)

Yeah, WWDTM isn’t exactly known for non-corny jokes, but still, where else do you get the pleasure of listening to former (and most famous) Stig, Ben Collins, answer questions about both an officer and a gentleman? Collins was forced to answer questions not only about Gere’s love life, but also about a curious rumor involving a gerbil, on Not My Job, the segment in which public radio hosts with perfectly nasally voices ask famous people about things that should know nothing about:


Collins ***SPOILER ALERT*** answered two out of three questions right, which means that Kathleen Zolyak of Washington, D.C., now has the ultimate prize in any form of competition, Carl Kasell’s voice on her home answering machine. If those still exist.

Can’t listen to the whole interview? Read the transcript here.

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