Why This State Is The Most Likely To Get Tesla's Gigafactory

Elon Musk is a man who needs some batteries. A lot of batteries. So many batteries, in fact, that he's prepared to build a $5 billion Gigafactory capable of turning out enough batteries to fit in 500,000 cars per year by 2020. The big question is this: Who's gonna get it? » 4/01/14 2:00pm 4/01/14 2:00pm

Feds Close Inquiry Into Tesla Fires Thanks To The Power Of Titanium

Following a spate of fires late last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced it would investigate the Tesla Model S for a possible recall. As of today, that inquiry is closed, and it's all thanks to titanium. Go titanium! » 3/28/14 2:20pm 3/28/14 2:20pm

The Tesla Model S: Now With Road Debris-Crushing Titanium!

Interested in a Tesla Model S? Wary of making the purchase for fear of a freak fiery explosion involving road debris that ignites the battery pack? Worry no more! Elon Musk's got you covered with the mighty power of titanium. » 3/28/14 9:00am 3/28/14 9:00am

Tesla Execs Had Secret Meeting In San Antonio For Gigafactory

Could Tesla Motors' Gigafactory battery plant really find a home in Texas, a state historically hostile to its sales model? Suspicions are heating up after Tesla officials had a secret meeting in San Antonio yesterday with top city and county officials. » 3/27/14 10:40am 3/27/14 10:40am

Texas Gov. Rick Perry: It's Time To Revisit Anti-Tesla Dealer Laws

As Tesla Motors eyes the Lone Star State for its $5 billion, 6,500 job Gigafactory battery plant, car dealers say they aren't willing to change Texas' ban on direct car sales to welcome it. But now an unexpected person says it might be time for a change: Texas Gov. Rick Perry. » 3/25/14 11:45am 3/25/14 11:45am

Elon Musk 'Doesn't Get What It Takes To Do Business In New Jersey'

While embattled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie skirted blame for the recent ban on direct car sales in the Garden State, the car dealers themselves had some pretty standard New Jersey responses: Play by our rules or fuhgettaboutit! » 3/20/14 1:40pm 3/20/14 1:40pm

Nissan Deletes Hilarious Zinger Tweet Aimed At Tesla

Tesla Motors suffered a crushing defeat in New Jersey last week that resulted in a ban on direct sales of their cars starting in April, but Nissan's Twitter account was quick to let you know you can still buy a Leaf in the Garden State. Neener-neener, Tesla! » 3/18/14 3:30pm 3/18/14 3:30pm

Pols In Anti-Tesla Texas Wrote Elon Musk Letters For Gigafactory

Today in Hilarious Ironic News, we learn that lawmakers in Texas — a state where car dealer campaign contributions led to regulations preventing Tesla Motors from selling cars directly — wrote Elon Musk letters asking for his Gigafactory battery plant. Oh, Texas! » 3/18/14 10:40am 3/18/14 10:40am

New Jersey Could Ban Tesla Stores (UPDATE: Banned As Of 4/1)

Tesla sells its cars direct to consumers through company owned stores. Regular car dealers are opposed to this, and a number of states have tried to ban the practice. And in a hearing today, New Jersey could be next to ban the sale of Teslas. UPDATE: Banned as of 4/1... » 3/11/14 10:42am 3/11/14 10:42am

Texas Dealers: No Direct Car Sales, Even For Tesla's Gigafactory

When you really think about it, what state wouldn't want to get Tesla's planned Gigafactory? That's 6,500 high-tech jobs and potential millions of dollars in tax revenue. But the head of the car dealers' lobby in Texas says the Lone Star State shouldn't have to change their laws banning direct car sales to woo Tesla… » 2/28/14 4:20pm 2/28/14 4:20pm

Tesla's ZEV Credit Win Should Silence Some Of Their Critics

In yesterday's earnings call from the fourth quarter of 2013, Tesla Motors announced that their net income of $46 million late last year came without selling any Zero Emissions Vehicle credits. That's a pretty big deal, and here's why. » 2/20/14 1:20pm 2/20/14 1:20pm

Ohio Senator Behind New Anti-Tesla Bill Gets Paid Real Good By Dealers

Barely two months after Tesla Motors scored a legislative win against car dealers in the Ohio, a new bill comes to the Ohio State Senate that will ban Tesla's direct sales model for good. And guess who's behind it? The same guy who was behind the last one, state Sen. Tom Patton. Here's why he's so against direct sales. » 2/14/14 9:00am 2/14/14 9:00am

Tesla's Stock Skyrockets After Insanely Great Fourth Quarter

Did you buy a Tesla Model S in late 2013? No? Then you must have been the only person who didn't. At a Detroit Auto Show press conference, a Tesla VP announced that the electric automaker surged past sales expectations in the fourth quarter of 2013, sending their stock prices up, up and away. » 1/15/14 9:00am 1/15/14 9:00am

Ohio Car Dealers Sue To Keep Tesla From Selling Cars

Just when you thought it was safe to buy a Tesla in Ohio after an amendment to ban direct sales was struck down, a consortium of car dealers in the Buckeye state is taking their fight to the courts instead. Sore losers much? » 12/20/13 5:15pm 12/20/13 5:15pm