As it happens, the current record for electric motorcycles was embarrassingly low, so the team put different tires, lower bars, and a faster sprocket set on an otherwise stock Alta Redshift. So in addition to taking the outright four-wheel electric record, Revolt now has two different SCTA class records for electric motorcycles as well! The Motorcycle Omega class record has been bumped up to 109.406 mph. The team installed the Alta’s factory fork guards and number plate to push the Motorcycle Partial Streamliner Omega class record to 112.719. The bike apparently could have run faster, but the tires weren’t rated for anything more.

Image for article titled Here's How The Revolt Systems Streamliner Set The Electric Land Speed Record At Bonneville
Image: Revolt Systems

It’s amazing to see not only how quickly EV speed is building, but that a relatively small team of just a few enthusiastic engineers can totally smoke a University engineering program with seriously high budgets. The team learned a lot in the process, and has a ton of new data to pour over for the next time. If Team Vesco is interested in continuing the program with The Little Giant into the future, there are bigger and bigger speeds to chase with EV power. And don’t think the competition will end there, because EV West is aiming even higher with its electric rocket, and there are others waiting in the wings to take down the new champ of electric speed. I don’t think it’ll be 17 years before this record is broken.