A Car You Should Know: The Suzuki Whizzkid

Kei cars don't usually make it out of Japan, which is why they're sometimes called "Galapagos" cars, like those tortoises uniquely adapted to their own island. But when they do, the result can be pretty special, as is the case with the Suzuki Cervo, which left Japan to become the Suzuki SC100, or more memorably, the… » 2/16/15 10:15pm 2/16/15 10:15pm

This Aussie Suzuki Swift Commercial Is The 80est of 80s Ads

The music! The clothes! The hair! If you loved the 80s, this Holden Barina commercial might just be too 80s even for you. And if you're glad that particular decade has been consigned to the dustbin of history, well you might just find this the stuff of nightmares. This just may be the 80est of 80s Suzuki Swift… » 9/20/14 9:00am 9/20/14 9:00am