Every Scam 'Supercar' Company Is Basically This Hilarious Kickstarter

The other day I reported on a brand-new supercar company, Lyons Motor Cars. While it seemed like they were earnest and have put a lot of effort into their plans, the harsh reality is that their car has about as much of a chance of becoming real as does the Annihilator, the "Fully Customizable Dream Car" proposed by a… » 3/27/15 3:21pm Friday 3:21pm

Will Ford's New GT Live Up To Its Predecessors? - AFTER/DRIVE

This week on AFTER/DRIVE, Zac and Mike join host Mike Spinelli to determine whether the new GT will be the raw, race-bred driving experience like our '66 GT40, or suffer from the driving nannies that plague so many modern supercars today. » 2/11/15 11:55am 2/11/15 11:55am

This $25 Million Yacht Looks Like A Supercar, Comes With One Inside

Let's say you invent a suppository that extends your lifespan, keeps you looking young, and gives you an orgasm any time you smell vanilla extract. What would you do with the piles of money you'd make? If you answered "buy a massive yacht that looks like a car and comes with its own supercar," then I'm relieved… » 12/10/14 3:15pm 12/10/14 3:15pm

Audi R8 V10: A short film

As a commercial photographer, I am always trying to reach new clients and push the boundaries of what I can produce as a professional. This means learning new techniques, keeping my work sharp and contemporary, and it also means that I occasionally have to spread my wings and expand what I have to offer any given… » 9/08/14 6:47pm 9/08/14 6:47pm

​Could Red Bull Make A Road Car?

With Red Bull's chief genius expanding his role beyond F1 and into "technology projects", the world is Adrian Newey's oyster. So what if he designed a road car? Say, ripping the X2014 out of Gran Turismo and into reality. » 6/09/14 1:18pm 6/09/14 1:18pm

We drive the McLaren P1. Spoiler alert: it's quite good

The 2015 McLaren P1 is possibly the most exciting road car ever built. The people who gave us the magnificent McLaren F1 20 years ago have delivered their next masterpiece, representing everything learned in 50 years building Formula One, Le Mans, Indianapolis and Can-Am winners. » 1/28/14 1:35pm 1/28/14 1:35pm

This is the first Porsche 918 crash

The first Porsche 918 crash in Germany wasn't caused by spoiled owners or talentless racers. It was caused by engineers from Porsche itself. And that's why the company could be in trouble for it. » 12/02/13 4:04pm 12/02/13 4:04pm

So you want (to drive) a supercar?

Two things happened over the past 7 days... first, I came across Battery Tender Unnecessary's awesome series about owning a supercar (Part I and II... can't wait for III) and second, I rode in a couple of supercars at an event in which Mr. Tender Unnecesary mentioned I should get back to everyone about how it was. » 10/14/13 11:38am 10/14/13 11:38am

Two Porsche 918 Spyders Are In Arizona Right Now

The white Porsche 918 Spyder is not bad, but what you really want is the red and black foil-wrapped Weissach package car with magnesium wheels and other weight-saving magic. Find them in Arizona. » 7/22/13 2:45pm 7/22/13 2:45pm

The Audi R8 V10 Driving Experience: The Not Jalopnik Review

If you're like me and can't afford a supercar, but you would like to drive one like a madman anyway, this might be the right option for you. This is my review of the Audi R8 V10 Driving Experience. » 5/29/13 5:34pm 5/29/13 5:34pm

This Is A Flying Noble M600

This picture of the Noble M600 is just awesome as it is, but there's more to the story as it's going to be available to people outside of Britain (just not in America). » 5/08/13 12:44pm 5/08/13 12:44pm

The DC Design Avanti Could Become India's First Supercar

Designer and businessman Dilip Chhabria says he's planning to build a factory as soon as next year in order to put the into production this Avanti supercar, which is powered by a forced-induction four-cylinder engine (possibly an EcoBoost) and will have a price of somewhere around $50,000. Could this be India's first… » 5/02/13 1:28pm 5/02/13 1:28pm

What Would You Do With A McLaren MP4-12C As A Daily Driver?

Evo Magazine's Nick Trott just got himself a McLaren MP4-12C with some miles on its clock as a daily driver from Woking for the next six month. While we keep waiting for our phone to ring, think about the car for a second, and tell Nick what you would do with it. » 4/30/13 12:38pm 4/30/13 12:38pm

The Mazzanti Evantra Is A 701-Horsepower Boutique Supercar

Three years ago, Italian boutique manufacturer Faralli and Mazzanti came out with the $473,000 Vulca S. Designed by fellow Hungarian Zsolt Tárnok, it was a nice looking car with allegedly the build quality of a Lada Niva. Today, Faralli is gone, but Zsolt has penned a new supercar called the Evantra. » 4/29/13 12:53pm 4/29/13 12:53pm

The Ferrari F150 Hypercar Will Be Incredibly Amazing, Say Top Secret…

Other than the fact that Ferrari's Enzo successor, the F150, will be stealing a name from America's best selling truck, we could only speculate about what would be under the carbon fiber body. Now we have a better idea. At a not-so-top secret viewing in Maranello, potential customers apparently got the skinny on the… » 1/31/13 12:30pm 1/31/13 12:30pm

The Last Lexus LFA Supercar Was Built On Friday

While the made-to-order Lexus LFA has sold out in June, it took Toyota's Motomachi plant another six month to make the #500 V10 supercar. » 12/17/12 10:30am 12/17/12 10:30am

Koenigsegg One: 1 Has 1 HP Per Kilo, And Only For China

If you're looking for the absolute fastest car you can buy, and don't quite have enough cash for a Veyron, boy are you in luck. Well, in luck if you're one of five other lucky people in China. Because Koenigsegg's incredible new car, the Koenigsegg One: 1, will very likely be the fastest car you can buy (0-60 in a… » 11/27/12 12:30pm 11/27/12 12:30pm

Someone Might Actually Build The 1,088 HP Croatian Electric Supercar

We've written about Croatia's planned $980,000 electric Rimac Concept One supercar before, but with the same elbow-in-the-ribs skepticism rightly reserved for these endlessly rendered-yet-never built custom supercars. In our experience, about 1-in-600 ever gets made and the other 599 end up being part of some massive… » 9/09/12 4:00pm 9/09/12 4:00pm

This Man's Quest To Build His Dream Car Is Driving Him Insane

Koji — no separate first or last name, just "Koji" — is a man of remarkable skill, talent, and determination who is attempting to build his dream car in a garage somewhere in Washington. He's also a man with a pretty dim view of how most of us spend our time. Mostly because he's simplified his life to one focus —… » 5/09/12 12:30pm 5/09/12 12:30pm