Simona De Silvestro Out At Sauber; Susie Wolff, You're Our Only Hope

In "news that makes me sad," Sauber test driver Simona de Silvestro's Formula One hopes have come to an end because of (surprise, surprise) financial reasons. If she gets replaced with a craptacular pay driver, I may have to start watching curling instead. » 10/01/14 6:36pm 10/01/14 6:36pm

Simona de Silvestro's Ready For More Sauber-Ferrari F1 Testing‏

With a few days to reflect on her first Formula 1 outing last weekend at Ferrari's Fiorano test track in Italy, former IndyCar Series driver Simona de Silvestro says she's satisfied with the initial experienced gained in the 2012 Sauber-Ferrari C31. » 5/03/14 7:46am 5/03/14 7:46am

Simona de Silvestro Could Be First Female F1 Racer In 23 Years

IndyCar driver and total badass Simona de Silvestro has signed on with Sauber F1 as an "affiliated driver." Here's what that means, for her and the sport. » 2/14/14 10:00am 2/14/14 10:00am

Watch This IndyCar Driver Retrace A Track Blindfolded

With IndyCar coming to Alabama's Barber Motorsports Park this weekend, let's get a look at the track layout, retraced completely from memory by complete badass Simona De Silvestro. » 3/29/12 3:30pm 3/29/12 3:30pm

Indy driver Simona de Silvestro suffers burns in fiery crash

Swiss driver Simona de Silvestro hopes to return to practicing for the Indianapolis 500 as early as today after a crash during practice Thursday sent her car airborne and left her with second-degree burns. » 5/20/11 10:00am 5/20/11 10:00am

IndyCar: Crews, Equipment Failed In Botched Rescue

An investigation into the 39-second rescue of IndyCar rookie Simona De Silvestro following a crash and subsequent fire at Texas Motor Speedway found the safety crew's actions and equipment at fault. The root problem? Complacence. » 6/17/10 12:30pm 6/17/10 12:30pm

Simona de Silvestro's Scary IndyCar Fire: What The Hell Happened?

Rookie driver Simona de Silvestro was trapped in her race car after hitting the wall in Saturday night's Texas IndyCar race. She survived, but some wonder why the safety crew took so long to free her from the wreckage. » 6/07/10 9:30am 6/07/10 9:30am