Ferrari Formula One Car Has A Dick Butt In UPS Logo [Update: It's Gone]

UPS opened up a can of worms when they decided to do a photo mosaic for their logo. The idea was to use fans' Facebook photos as the background. Of course, someone had Dick Butt (which is a doodle of exactly what it sounds like) as their photo. Now Dick Butt will take a glorious ride aboard the Ferrari SF15-T. … »4/10/15 4:36pm4/10/15 4:36pm


Ferrari's Old F1 Transporters Would Make The Ultimate Party Bus Setup

Most of us just string up a few lights and start grilling, but what if it was possible to make more use of the inside space on a race hauler? Say, if there were some ingenious way to connect two haulers together into a two-level Haus of Party? Say hello the race hauler/party bus combo that we deserve. »12/27/14 10:03am12/27/14 10:03am

More Whistles, Fewer Bells: Ferrari Premieres 2008 F1 Racecar

Anyone doubting Formula One's temperance movement has legs need only cast their F1-geek eyes on the latest Constructors' champ's entry for the aught eight season. Yesterday, Ferrari's F2008 car became the first showing among new cars that must comply with the latest technology prohibition by Formula One's own Robin… »1/07/08 7:47am1/07/08 7:47am