First Picture Of New BMW 7-Series Squaring Off Against Mercedes…

This is the first time we've seen the new 2009 BMW 7-Series » 9/19/08 2:45pm 9/19/08 2:45pm posing next to two of its direct rivals, a and a . We're not sure what the photo shoot of the luxury trio was for, but we're assuming it's for a buff book doing a luxury car snooze-fest. Which is good, because then no one will be awake to be horrified by the…

All-Wheel Strive: Mercedes S-Class Gets New 4MATIC

Well-heeled lovers of things that come in fours (like fluted crystal glasses, calfskin desk sets and certain types of entertainment in Nevada) take note: The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has a new 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system. AutoWeek reported earlier this year that the new version of the system, which Merc's… » 9/12/06 8:42am 9/12/06 8:42am

Over the Back Fence: More on the Mercedes S-Class Convertible; Bound…

The folks at The Car Connection published another one of the gossipy renderings of the rumored Mercedes S-Class sedan convertible concept that's expected to appear at the Detroit show in early 2007. Don't get crazy, it's not really a spy shot, as TCC indicates in the headline — think of it as wishful Photoshopping.… » 8/14/06 8:30am 8/14/06 8:30am

The Devil Wears Mercedes: S-Class Stars in Fashion Send-up

In what manner of sedan would a type-a-busive fashion magazine editor arrive to work, whilst tearing her assistant's proverbial heart out and subequently fisting the resultant orifice? We would have picked the BMW 7-Series, but we'd just be projecting an inner bile toward cars designed in origami. (Ray! Coffee me, … » 7/07/06 9:41am 7/07/06 9:41am

A Mercedes S-Class Cabrio Concept Coming to Detroit Show in '07?

A strange bit of news from the jungen at Germany's Auto Motor und Sport today; Mercedes is reportedly working on a V12-powered S-Class cabrio concept that will premiere at the 2007 Detroit Motor Show. Other than that it could have the longest fabric roof in the industry, there aren't many details about the… » 6/21/06 11:13am 6/21/06 11:13am

DaimlerChrysler Gets Smart-er With Its Hoonage; Goes Cross-Brand

So what happens when you drop a Mercedes S-Class against the wind-up Smart? Well, the Smart does better than one would think — unless you count the fact that it rolls over on its side like a toy — but apparently the little guy was built to withstand even the toughest of situations. Maybe they should grab that old… » 6/11/06 5:50pm 6/11/06 5:50pm