You Must Track A Vintage Roadster

Fiat may be coming out with a tarted-up MX-5 in the near future, but the original Fiat 124 Spider set such a high bar for pure joy that it’ll be tough to live up to. There’s no single car I’ve driven that’s as much fun and as easy to drive as the old 124 Spider. Here’s why you, too, must track an old roadster.
»8/13/15 4:08pm8/13/15 4:08pm

The Ultimate Porsche 944 Race Car Is For Sale Right Now

You can keep your Porsche 944 Turbo Cups with all their turbo lag and misery. I prefer the smoother, more predictable powerband of the naturally aspirated 944s, and the biggest engine Porsche ever put in a 944 is my holy grail. That, of course, is the 944 S2, and one of just seven IMSA Firehawk 944 S2s is for sale. »3/16/15 4:24pm3/16/15 4:24pm

World Challenge Is Bringing A Buttload Of Fantastic Cars This Season

To say that the Pirelli World Challenge series is growing would be a massive understatement. They have more manufacturer interest than ever before as well as a few teams who would usually be running United SportsCar who've joined in the fun. How awesome is the field this year? Look at this test day. »2/25/15 8:36am2/25/15 8:36am

When Tow Vehicles Fail, Bring Out The Race Car And A Rope

Rain and mud cut the January Lone Star Rallycross event short, which caused another problem with the tow vehicles parked in the soft grassy parking area. They got stuck. Most of the rallycross cars, however, didn't get stuck in this mess. Behold, a Subaru towing a Silverado out of the mud. »2/15/15 9:36pm2/15/15 9:36pm

Anki DRIVE Is the Hilariously Fun Future of Weaponized Slot Cars

These tiny little speedsters are Anki DRIVE, the awesome 21st century take on the classic slot car. They use your iPhone as both a remote control and an artificial intelligence brain, so you can race against human or a computer opponent. And did I mention these cars also have laser guns and tractor beams? »5/19/14 7:20pm5/19/14 7:20pm

The Praga R1 is super. And Slovakian.

You've seen plenty of open-air track-day specials from the likes of Radical and Caterham, but wouldn't it be sweet to get something similar, only in an enclosed, LMP-style form factor? Enter the Praga R1, a Slovakian track machine that lets you get in touch with your inner McNish. Roger Garbow drove it and weighs in… »9/19/13 12:41pm9/19/13 12:41pm

The Best Rotary-powered Vehicles You Can Buy, Plus a 40 hp Wankel-engined Chainsaw

Felix Wankel's rotary engine has been fascinating gearheads for decades. Even so, Wankels' engine has been generating more than its share of press recently, with some news sources speculating that the engine will be making a return as a compact range-extending generator in future plug-in hybrids from Audi and Mazda »8/13/13 1:12pm8/13/13 1:12pm