Mystical Papercraft Wizard Makes Pagani Zonda Out Of Paper

Unless you're making a VW Thing or a Citroen FAF or maybe a K Car, making cars out of paper is hard. The sleeker and curvier the car, the harder. » 1/30/13 4:30pm 1/30/13 4:30pm

How To Make A $1.6 Million Bugatti Veyron Out Of Paper

I love the passion and skill that goes into making a good papercraft car, so many tips of many hats to Visual Spicer for this remarkable 2.5-foot all-paper replica of the Bugatti Veyron. » 4/28/12 12:00pm 4/28/12 12:00pm

Papercraft Ninjas Print, Build Life-Size Cardboard NSX Race Car

Epson employees took advantage of their papercraft skills and giant printers to build an impressively detailed 1:1 cardboard replica of an Acura/Honda NSX Super GT race car. Build photos of what we consider the sexiest recycling project ever below. » 8/03/10 4:40pm 8/03/10 4:40pm

Working Papercraft V8: Arts & Crafts Done Right

There are many concepts and trends to come out of Japan we don't understand (ahem, Cosplay) but we totally get Japanese papercraft. Try looking at this handmade papercraft V8 without grasping the pure awesomeness. » 2/17/09 2:30pm 2/17/09 2:30pm

Paper Craft Rally Cars Highlight Shapes Of Speed

There's not much that's cooler than a Paper Craft model. Using nothing but a couple of sheets of paper, some glue and enormous amounts of time, compressed wood pulp aficionados are able to create incredibly accurate scale models of just about anything. Paper Craft is also a detailed study on the forms and shapes of… » 5/20/08 6:00pm 5/20/08 6:00pm

Cigarette Box Lamborghini Reventon Smokes The Matchstick F1 Car

Screw Michael Arndt and his F1 car made of matchsticks. We've found a fan of pricey super cars who's trying to one-up Arndt with a Lamborghini Reventon made of cigarette boxes. That's right — the Reventon — the one million Euro ($1.5 million) supercar constructed entirely out of cigarette boxes. Call this a… » 2/19/08 7:45am 2/19/08 7:45am

Working PaperCraft V12 Cranks And Lights Up

The visible V8 was the highlight of some of our younger years, planting the greasemonkey virus in our still mushy brains. While we've moved on from that fantastic toy, this miracle of man-hours has us yearning to build miniature fake engines again. This paper craft V12 kit, available from is an… » 1/23/08 3:15pm 1/23/08 3:15pm