Man Builds Full Scale Mercedes F1 From 956,000 Matchsticks

Michael Arndt is a man of matchsticks. Over the course of six years, using 956,000 matchsticks, 1686 tubes of glue, and at least three different varieties of mustache, he built a full-scale replica of a McLaren 4/14 F1 car, at a cost of around 6000 Euros. The giant model takes up Arndt's entire kitchen and probably his social life. It can be broken down into 45 parts for easy transport to various matchstick-builders conventions.

We are at a loss for words as to why a female appears in one of the pictures, other than it's possible such intricate, craftsmanly pastimes are not held in the same disdain by women in Germany as they are by ladies closer to home. Though it is also possible she's a paid model. [via (im Deutsche)]


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