The visible V8 was the highlight of some of our younger years, planting the greasemonkey virus in our still mushy brains. While we've moved on from that fantastic toy, this miracle of man-hours has us yearning to build miniature fake engines again. This paper craft V12 kit, available from is an impressive display of time, energy and talent, misguided or otherwise. When complete it features a rotating crankshaft, fan, pushrods, 12 pistons and their 12 connecting rods all simulating the motion of a real V12. To add to the flavor, each cylinder has a red and blue LED installed in the "head" to indicate a power cycle or an intake cycle - pretty spiffy. Now the shocking part: The kit comes with an easy to follow 595 page instruction manual. Let's hope you're very patient - and that the finished engine never has a run-in with a teething puppy.


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