Video: Can an Air Suspension Solve the "One Car for Everything" Problem?

As I noted when I reviewed the 2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo recently, not everyone wants what I want, which is to say that not everyone wants 6 cars in their garage, each with a very specific purpose. For most people, that's just not realistic. A lot of these people want one car that does it all: practicality for the… » 10/15/13 3:32pm 10/15/13 3:32pm

Video: The 2014 Porsche Panamera is a Supercar and a Daily Driver in One

This is the new Panamera Turbo, and... no, really. This is the new Panamera Turbo, not the old one. They changed it, I swear. You just can't really see it unless you look close. See in that picture, they moved the license plate down and there's a new side skirt? Right, new, like I said. Some people don't like the… » 10/07/13 1:27pm 10/07/13 1:27pm

Aussies Get Porsche Panamera Police Patrol Car

After trying the Porsche Panamera out with a toddler for a couple weeks, I can absolutely say it's a terrific vehicle for taking a person, throwing them in the back in restraints, and then driving really, really fast. Which means it's not just a great toddler car, it'd make a great police car. The New South Wales… » 9/20/12 2:30pm 9/20/12 2:30pm